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      I am over whelmed viewing Mission ASHRA at this niche while establishing itself as a firm support for the vulnerable women. People in Orissa, murmur a common name ASHRA at first sight if viewing any woman wanders with mental illness, obstruct the of any passer by. This shelter home is going to complete its fourth anniversary by the mid of this year. Within this small period of time after a huge silence in mental health sector in orissa, the institution has responded more than one and half a century cases and reunited fifty cured inmates, till date.

Mr. Gobinda Pattanaik (Director)


Though this data looks healthier to relish on a wholesome success, but still I have seen several hurdles on the way, which restricted our real objectives to be achieved and futile several conceiving aims of our mission to be fulfilled. High turn over rate of the staffs those were close to the mission and the rescued inmates has shaken the strength of the institution to some extent. People working to provide qualitative service and care to the worst sufferers of our society are lacking in dedication, spirit to work and eagerness to accept the challenges comes on way. Rather they are commercializing their job and dreaming for an easy luxurious life in spite of being in such a working environment. They hesitate to deal with the environment pregnant with trafficking cases, AIDS victims, mentally challenged and mentally ill women who are as equal as them. The negative mind set with the diseases and growing materialistic attitude has confined the people from the service mentality. Again and again turnover and frequently changing new faces has diminished the inmates’ reliability, closeness and attachment with their staffs and caretakers. As well as lack of in-depth experience and substantial knowledge due to always-fresh people, is stood as a major constraint in this ground.

Mission ASHRA has started this mission not for the shake of measuring some cured people as its vision and earn name for the cause. It has begun with a goal to promote the people with distress with a collaborative attitude by bringing in the whole society to a common platform. Through awareness programmes, charity shows and huge celebration we advocate this issue before the whole society. Eminent personalities and representatives of the people do take active participation in our programme. Promises, supportive assurance and strategic plans for the wellbeing of the inmates are chalked out at their end. But they hardly come true in spite of our several pursuance and repeated enticement. Of course ASHRA never scrimps to bow down before the like minded persons who have paid their concernness and turned sympathetic not only verbally but also in action. But still many more promises go in vain and never prove productive till date. We, on behalf of the most vulnerable women are only seeking for a raindrop when to be dropped in the favor of these hopeless and bring a change in their life in reality. Supporting these helpless is not kindliness, but a duty and responsibility towards our own society to keep us safe and worriless in our day-to-day life.

Nothing in this world remains unachievable however constraints come on its way, till the eagerness, enthusiasm and dedication dazzles in one’s spirit. Thus in spite of several obstacles ASHRA is shining as a mere support and will continue to be in coming future.

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